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We are experiencing with Ball Bearings businesses since our establishment. Supplying regular bearings and stainless steel ball bearings are of course our basics, and we are handling specially specified ball bearings based on customers needs and also providing ball bearing incorporating products.
In many years, we have been winning the high appraisal and trust of the customers in Japan as a supplier corresponding to almost all fields related with ball bearings.

We are also specializing importing ball bearings from China, and we provide them to TRANSFER EQUIPMENT factories and makers for AUTOMATIC WAREHOUSE SYSTEMS which uses cost effective ball bearings. And also, those of which use high quality ball bearings like MACHINE TOOL makers and AUTOMOBILE manufactures are our customers too. We are achieving the supply and the proposal of the bearing that can endure various usages with the import bearing based on the experience over many years.

As for the business of our ball bearings, it doesn't know the stay. A further making of our handling bearing with more varieties will progress as a project for further stabilization of the sales route and the proposal power strengthening to the customers in the future. And so, project of stabilizing supply route is in progress too. Those of who interested in these projects as a supplier, please contact us without hesitation.

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